In December of 2018, our partners at Uncharted helped select eight growth-stage ventures working in the following verticals: Alternative Farming and Growing Systems, AgTech, Food Waste and Recovery, and Plant and Alternative products.

The first-ever Chipotle Aluminaries Project sought to bring space technology to global supply chains, uncover maple farms as a renewable water source, bring field data into the 21st century, and so much more. The first cohort of Aluminaries included the following ventures:  

  • AgVoice is the simplest way to help farmers measure good stewardship practices by using a mobile voice-interaction service that integrates with existing record-keeping apps. 
  • American Ostrich Farms strives to increase awareness of the resource intensity of food so consumers can make enlightened, healthy choices for themselves and the planet.
  • Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water produces sustainable and renewable water that is harvested from the byproducts of maple trees, offering an environmentally friendly, organic plant-based alternative to bottled water sourcing.
  • GrubTubs allows restaurants, hotels and large cafeterias to drastically reduce what they send to landfills, helping to positively impact the environment.
  • ImpactVision uses hyperspectral imaging to help food businesses deliver consistent product quality, generate premium products and prevent supply chain waste.
  • Novolyze develops innovative technologies to help the food industry manufacture safer food, while ensuring strong compliance with international food safety and quality standards. 
  • Rex Ag Labs provides machine learning for a safer and more sustainable food supply.

In March of 2019, eight entrepreneurs, 22 mentors, and leaders throughout Chipotle came together for a five-day boot camp in Newport Beach. Uncharted curated programming focused on fundraising approach and messaging, operational capacity, marketing, and leadership development.

The boot camp provided insight on actionable methods for growth, helped build relationships with valuable mentors, and provided a community to support the ventures and their work.

Group working on Aluminaries Project

In addition to the boot camp, each venture received the following as part of the accelerator program: 

  • Three to four mentors committed to at least six months of formal advising
  • Pro bono mentorship, resources, and service from Chipotle teammates
  • Customized support to help ventures get investment ready
  • Key introductions to relevant investors who could help ventures scale
  • A Chipotle celebrity card
Chipotle Aluminaries Project Finalists Group Photo

Fueled by celebrity cards and illumination from the boot camp, these entrepreneurs quickly got back to work. In the last few months of the program, our Aluminaries had gone on to win million-dollar prizes, partner with celebrity chefs at festivals, expand their products overseas, and so much more. Some of the mentors have turned into board members, others have become investors, and many are great friends.

We are excited to continue the journey with the announcement of Aluminaries 2.0.

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